Yin Yang Salon (podol) 
hair, nails & massage, cosmetology

in 2010 
200 servises 
in one place
4 minutes walking to subway
safety and cleanliness

We are a leading salon according to the National Centre of statistic research of business ratings.   We are also among top 9 professional beauty salons.

Our dream is to bring balance and harmony into your (and our) life

And then: World around us will become brighter. Sun will shine warmer. People will be more friendly. Just tell us what you would like to achieve and we will do the rest in a friendly, calm and serene atmosphere of our salon. Visit us and we will select the best services specifically for you.
Body and face care: massage, skin nourishment by best products, approved and effective machine procedures and finishing touches – haircut, manicure, pedicure, body waxing, makeup and more. As a result you will be totally transformed.
Our specialists have won many awards and prizes in various contests. As a result, we have large clientele (among which we would like to see you, your family members and friends).

  Our principles

free consultation for all services;

accurate price information;
maximum attention to the client, high quality service, professionalism;

disinfection of all instruments, disposable materials;

perfect selection of cosmetic products;
constant improvement: qualification training, monitoring of beauty industry, adoption of new techniques;
monthly offers (up to 50% for actual procedures)

Offers and discounts

  • “Bring a friend” -10% discount to you and your friend.
  • “Birthday discount” -10-20% for two weeks (one week before and after your birthday). 
  • Package discount 16%. Package “My caprice”-20% for all services.
  • Buy 10 massages get the 10th massage for free. 
  • Corporate services 5%-10%.
  • Limited-time offers include: new treatment offers up to 30%off; product offers, seasonal offers, holiday offers. Visit our site or call our administrator for details.
  • Accumulative discount is our system of loyalty to our clients. You receive 3% discount by spending 3000 gryvnas.

Massages, SPA treatments

  • Main benefits of therapeutic massage are: prevention of chronic diseases; stimulation of blood circulation; relief of pain in the back and joints; energy boost and relaxation. Main course consists of 5-10 massages and is supplemented by supporting courses: once a week, twice a week, once a month. Yin Yang offers full and segmental therapeutic massages.
  • Esthetic massages include lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite massage, slimming massage, algae detox-massage, bamboo massage, pogram with lipolitic injections. Recommended course consists of 10-15 procedures depending on client’s aims. We also offer body correction programs and can recommend products for home care.
  • Original massages include aromatherapeutic massage, essential oils massage, relaxing massage, jar massage, Champi-massage, Chinese/Thai feet massage. Yin Yang Salon offers you unique massage techniques for sensible prices.
  • Inventive or author’s massages are exclusive in their nature. They are unique creations of master’s experience and expertise. Our salon offers you following inventive massages: spices massage, herbal sachets massage, buckwheat massage, Philippine massage. We also feature very popular duo massage and massage “Harmony of Yin Yang origins” performed by duet of a masseur and a cosmetologist.
  • Body peeling is delicious fragrance, smooth nourished body, light massage and immense pleasure. It is a SPA-procedure that uses various scrubs, gels, creams and paste, mineral and sea muds, clays and herbal extracts. We do full body peeling as well as peeling of chosen part/parts. We recommend you to try Aleppo peeling and Balinese scrub.
  • SPA-programs are the excellent way to relax and care for your body. They include body peeling, a massage and a body wrap. We offer you various programs: thermal and cold body wrap. Consult with our specialist to select a program that fits you.
  • Machine massages are performed by special massage equipment. They are primerely used for anti-cellulite treatment, but can also be useful for addressing such problems as osteochodnrosis, muscular pain in the back, vasoneurosis, initial stages of varix dilatation. The most popular machine massages are vacuum-roller and cryotherapeutic.
  • Free consultation. See our price list for all types of massages.


  • Skin-type facials. Cosmetology distinguishes several skin types: dry, oily, combination, problematic, sensitive, fading. Our cosmetologist select treatment based on your skin types and needs. That’s why in our price list you will find a wide range of various treatments. The unique skincare - aromaterapy treatment. There are aromapeeling, aromamassage and a lot of various care!
  • Facial cleaning not only cleans the skin, but also prevents acne and inflammation. Yin Yang offers three types of facial cleaning: mechanical, ultrasonic and atraumatic. We offer you a free consultation to determine what type of cleaning is best for you. Sometimes combined treatment is necessary.
  • Peeling is the key to health, youth and beauty of your skin. Aim of the peeling is to remove old cells of epidermis in order to restore and rejuvenate skin. After this procedure, skin becomes soft and smooth. There are following types of peeling: superficial, medium and deep. Yin Yang offers ten kinds of superficial and medium peeling.
  • Facial massage restores health and elasticity of skin without surgical intrusion. It stimulates blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, strengthens facial muscles, removes wrinkles and reduces puffiness.Yin Yang offers several types of facial massage: classical, lymphatic drainage, contouring, Spanish silk massage.
  • Skin-type facials. Cosmetology distinguishes several skin types: dry, oily, combination, problematic, sensitive, fading. Our cosmetologist select treatment based on your skin types and needs. That’s why in our price list you will find a wide range of various treatments.
  • We use new generation filler, which is delivered into the skin by micro injections. Biorevitalization is used for revitalizing the face skin, neck, d?colletage and hands.

Hair care services

  • Haircut. Beautiful and well-kept haircut is an essential attribute of style. In Yin Yang Salon, professional beauticians will help you pick haircut, hair colour, especially for you. Duration of a treatment is 1-1,5 hours. Our stylists are constantly studying new tendencies and are able to perform even the most difficult haircuts.
  • Hair color, perm. Our hair stylists will help you choose the right colour that suits your features best. Yin Yang offers the following services: coloring, highlights, lowlights, lightening, toning, gray hair coverage and perm. We use the best hair products by WELLA, Olaplex, Schwarzkopf and other.
  • Hairdoes, Styling.Yin Yang Salon offers the most modern hairdos and styling of 2018-2019 for reasonable prices. Our hair stylists also provide consultations on modern styling and selection of proper hairstyling products.
  • Trichology, care and treatment. Trichologist diagnoses the causes of hairloss, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturisation of hairs and diseases of the scalp and treat these problems according to cause. Our certified specialist thoroughly examines your hair and gives a preliminary diagnosis, as well as prescribes treatment. If he requires more information, you might need to undergo more tests. Results of the examination are recorded in your personal health file in the electronic database, so that the trichologist can view progress of the treatment and make necessary adjustments.To make your hair healthy and strong, we offer a wide range of professional haircare products that will rejuvenate, restore and nourish your hair. 
  • Free consultation. See price list for all types of services.


  • Makeup plays an important part in the life of a modern woman. Our specialists will create an unforgettable image for you for any occasion in your life. We use only best cosmetic products available. 
  • See our price list for all types of makeup services.

NAIL CARE. Manicure, pedicure, coating, SPA-care

  • Soft hands and neat manicure were always a symbol of elegance and sophistication.Thanks to the modern tendencies of nailcare industry, Yin Yang can offer you many different types of manicure: classic manicure, Machine (dry) manicure, Composite manicure, European manicure.  
  • Pedicure is a therapeutic, hygienic and esthetic foot care. Yin Yang Salon offers you the following types of pedicure: -hygienic/classical pedicure; -acid pedicure; – Machine (dry) pedicure; -composite pedicure.
  • Finishing touches of manicure or pedicure involve coating. There are three basic types of coating: nail polish, VINYLUX nail polish, and gel. Beside these coatings we can also offer you Shellac CND, Luxio and Minx.
  • SPA procedures represented in our salon are very effective ways to take care of the skin of your feet and hands. Complex SPA for feet and hands includes relaxing massage combined with various cosmetic products. SPA care is suitable for all age groups. SPA procedures for hands and feet include: -quality peeling; -intensive nourishing SPA mask; -relaxing massage. We also offer paraffin therapy. See our price list for types of treatments

Permanent makeup

  • Modern women more often resort to the permanet makeup as a way not only to accentuate their beauty, but also to correct imperfections. Permanent makeup is also the best option for people who suffer from allergic reaction to cosmetics. It also allows women to look their best every day without spending much time on applying makeup. We offer all types of permanent makeup for eyelids, brows and lips. 
  • For prices see our price list.

Price list

for Ladies: 

Haircut for Ladies

Type of service Time, minutes Price, UAH
Classic haircut (1-4 hair length) 60-90 350/380/440/480
Model, creative haircut (1-4 hair length) 60-90 420/450/550/590
Hair trim (fringe) 25 100
Hair stylish after haircut 30-40 110/150/180/200

Hair coloring for Ladies

Type of service Time, minutes Price, UAH
Protection hair Olaplex in coloring service 
(1 - 4 length) and in blond hair
Coloring, lightening Wella Color Touch, Koleston Perfect (1-4 length) 90-120 790/1050/1310/1650
Root coloring, lightening Wella Color Touch, Koleston Perfect (1-4 length) 60-120 790, (blonde-980)
Coloring, lightening Wella Illumina Color (1-4 length) 90-120 890/1150/1530/1940
Root coloring, lightening Wella Illumina Color (1-4 length) 60-120 890, (blonde-1050)
Colour removal, bleach 60-120 830/940/1050/1150
Coloring with client's color (1-4 length) 90-120 460/630/790/870
Preparation for coloring with special products 30 60-130
Highlights (1-4 length) 90-120 950/1200/1500/1900
Highlights for top of the head (1-4length) 60-120 460/570/720/870
Root highlights (1-4 length) 90-120 1050
Californian highlights, ombre, balayage, etc (1-4 lenght) 60-120 1400/1800/2200/2600
Creative Color "Hollywood" 90-120 3500-5000
Pastel tone for hair saturation (1 - 4 length) 120-180 500/650/800/950
Pastel tone for hair saturation in related service (1 - 4 length) 120-180 300/450/590/730
Fantasy coloring with ID-modification 90-120 +130
Magma coloring 35 UAH  for 1 g of dye

Special treatment for hair

Type of service Time, minutes Price, UAH
Trichologist consultation (full diagnostics) 30 400
Hair careThe Rame Rame Treatment (компания HAHONICО) (1-4 length)

40-120 950/1150/1490
DEEP Reconstruction JOICO 1/2/3/4 length 30-60 750/950/1150/1450
Hair Treatment Paul Mitchell (1-4 length) 120 590-960
Hair Treatment Paul Mitchell (moisturizing) (1-4 length) 120 690-990
Restoring mask (1-4 length) Booster Invigo Wella 40-60

Restoring mask (1-4 length) (with proteine, vitamins, sulfur)  20 100/150/200/250
Basic treatment Olaplex (1 - 4 length) 90
Hair polishing (1-4 length) 30-90 1500

Manicure for Ladies

Type of service Time, minutes Price, UAH
Manicure hygienic, machine, combine, European with special products 40-60 210
Polishing, shaping nails 20 50
Repair of one natural nail 20 50
Nail polish removal 10 50
Correction of manicure, half manicure 30 120

Pedicure for Ladies

Type of service Time, minutes Price, UAH
Pedicure hygienic/ AHA-acids 90 430/470
Pedicure machine or composite Zuda (Germany) 90 520
Pedicure advanced DeLuxe Zuda (Germany) 120 660
Pedicure medical (for diabetics too)  Zuda (Germany) 90 320-385
Toe or foot treatment 45 280
Nail contouring, polishing 20 75

Nail polish for Ladies

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Nail polish (with base&top)/ french  20 80/100
Client's polish 10 50
Treatment polish Nail Tek 10 90
 Shellac CND/ french 30-40 280/320
Luxio/ luxio french 40 320/ 370
 Shellac CND Gradient, "Cat eyes" 50 360
Removal Shellac CND, for another polish 15-40 100
Repair of one nail with Shellac CND 20 35, 45(french)
Additional layer gel polish 45
VINYLUX™ CND/ french coating 20 150/170
Strengthening of nails Vitagel/with top 40 100/ 210
Nails artistic painting 60 from 90
Minx with base and fixer CND 80 490
Removal of Minx 20 80
Repair or coating of one nail with Minx 20 60

Nails design

Type of services time.min price, UAH
Nails design CASUL, (for 1 nail) 15 25
Nails design  FAIRY  (for 1 nail) 15 30
Nails design TREND (for 1 nail) 20 35
Nail design Haute Couture ((for 1 nail) 20-30 90

Modelling Gel Nails for Ladies

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Modelling Gel Nails 120 760
Modelling Gel Nails (french) 180 800
Modelling  1 gel nails 60 80
Gel nail correction/french 180 400/450
Gel removal  40 200
One nailgel correction 80

Special podiatry procedures

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Ingrown nail treatment 30-60 110
Fissure treatment 20 110
Fungus treatment 20 110
Removal callusse 30 110
Hyperkeratosis, plantar callosity treatment 30-60 110
Podolog/s consultation  30-60 200
Nail prosthetics of the nail affected by fungus, 1 nail 60 200

Hand/Feet care for Ladies

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
SPA procedures for hands, feet 60 230/270
Paraffin therapy for hands/ feet (scrub, mask, cream) 60 230/270

Eyebrow and lashes for Ladies

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Eyebrow shaping/ correction 15 190/130
Eyebrow/ eyelashes tint 15 150/180
Eyebrow tint with Henna (biotatoo) 30 270
Eyebrow tint Henna SPA 50 430
Keratin lamination  eyelashes/ with botox 90 690/870
Eyelashes extensions classic/ 2D/3D 180 600/700/750

Cosmetology, massage for Ladies

See below in part Cosmetology

Waxing, sugaring for Ladies

See below part waxing,sugaring

Bioperm, straightening hair for Ladies

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Bioperm Organic Color 120-240 100 USD 
Bioperm Mossa (1-4 length) 120-240 990/1490/2090/2970

BioBouffant Green Light — Long root volume.

120 1500
Straightening hair Global Keratin (1 -4 length) 120 1860/2590/3790/5390

for Gentlemen

Haircut for Gentlemen

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
1-3 level of complexity 90 320/390/470
Model, creative haircut 90 520
Buzz haircut/ several attachment for equipment 30 140/190
Fringing 30 150-300

Grey hair coverage, beard and moustache care

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Grey hair coverage 60 490
Moustache trimming 15 55/110
Beard trimming 30 90/170
Head peeling 20 230
Special hair drawing with clippers 20 150-300
Eyebrow shaping/ correction 20 210/160

Manicure, pedicure for Gentlemen

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Manicure 60 250
Nail polishing/ shaping 20 80/ 90
Pedicure 90 480
Pedicure machine 105 530
Pedicure machine medicine 90 720
Toe or foot treatment 40 280

Waxing, eyebrow

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Eyebrow waxing 20 180
Armpit waxing/ belly/ chest (one zone) 15 220/ from 100/ from 90
Back and buttocks waxing 60 from 600
Classical Bikini waxing/ deep bikini 60 620/ 830

Cosmetology for Gentlemen

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Composite treatment of skin for men 60-90 790
Other skin treatment in part Cosmetology

for Children

Haircut, hairdo, piercing (with earrings)

Type of services, length Time, min Price, UAH
Haircut for kids under 6 45 170
Haircut for kids between 6 and 10 60 210-290
Fringing 20 150-300
Hair styling, hairdo for kids 6-10 years old (1-4 level complexity) 60 190-370
Piercing (with earrings) 20 360
Piercing (with earrings) 1 ear 20 190
Restoration of the old puncture 20 150
Piercing EXXL, special 20 490/560


Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Child's manicure (European) 30 100


Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Back massage for kids ( before 11 yers old) 30 180
General massage for kids (before 11 years old) 60 289



Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Consultation with cosmetologist free
"Sebo-aroma"- treatment of oily and problematic skin 70 470
Aromaphytopeeling 90 540
Aromacomplex "Аctive nourishing" 60 500
Phyto-oxygen intensive treatment of very dry and dehydrated skin 90 590
Aromassage for face and scalp neuro sedative 40 400
Aromamassage anti-age 60 430
Active regenerating aromaprogramme for lips and eyes 60 330

Consultation with cosmetologist


Cleaning facials

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Ultrasonic cleaning 60 490
Composite cleaning (ultrasound+manual) 60 590
Atraumatic facial cleaning (Holy Land cosmetics) 60-90 580
Atraumatic back cltaning (top third of the back) 60-90 from 650


Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Peeling against acne, for postfcna, posacea, couperosa (azelac, argipil) 60 600
Universal almond peeling 60 590
Peeling for sensitive skin (argipil) 60 600
Peeling, restoring the color and texture of the skin (medium chemical peeling (Holy Land) 60-90 650
Peeling for the health of oily, problem skin (salicyl) 60 600
Peeling for blush (ferulic) 60 740
Peeling for full renewal (retinoic) 90 910
Rehabilitation procedure after medium depth peeling 60 390
Medium depth chemical peeling of the back (1/3 part back) 60-90 720
Lightening or hyperpigmentation of wrists, armpits, bikini 30-60 600

Facial massage

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Classical massage 30 330
Facial massage anti-age different techniques 40 390
Facial massage from beautician  90 480
Criolift massage  90 390

Facial treatment

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Treatment for different types of facial skin 60 680-790
Cosmetic facial mask additional 30 170
Сarboxytherapy 60 570

Mesotherapy, biorevitalization

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Procedure for restoring skin balance (intensive hydration, vitaminization, lifting) (mesococtails) 60 1300
Procedure for hair regrowth (mesococtails with darsonvalization) 30 990
Mesotherapy of the skin of hands 60 890
Mesotherapy of the skin of hands
90 890
Biorevitalization of the facial skin (hyaluronic acid 2%) (RRS HYALIFT) 60 2700

Biorevitalization of the facial skin (hyaluronic acid 1%)  90 2100
Biorevitalization of the neck and decollete skin 60 2900
Lipolitics for the face -sets the sagging skin, the second bodbordok, excess fat in the eyelids, cheeks and neck 60 900
Lipolitics for the body - cellulite treatment 90 1700

Anti-acne treatment 

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Treatment for oily, mixed skin (including problem skin 60-90 680

Machine cosmetology

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Cryotherapy -lifting care with ampule-concentrate of active substances 15 190
Cryotherapy -lifting care with ampule, face 60 670
Darsonvalisation 15 50
Facial mesotherapy (with ampule) 30 440
Microniddle mesotherapy (face) 60 960
Facial microcurrents 30-45 350


Therapeutic massage

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Remedial Massage 60 440
Remedial Massage for kids (11 years old) 60 280
Remedial massage of the back, collar zone 30 290
Remedial Massage of the back, colar zone for kids (11 years old) 30 180
Relax-массаж 60 470
Thai /chinese foot massage 30 300
Champi massage 15/30 230/ 340

Esthetic massage

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Anti-cellulite massage  60 500
Fitness- shaping massage 45/90 500
Anti-cellulite massage of the short zone 30-45 360/420
Anti-cellulite massage of the hand 15 190
Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen 30 230
Lymphatic drainage massage 60 500
Bamboo massage 60 500

Machine massage

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Cryotherapy-apparatus Cryo Pro (thighs/arms/stomach/ buttocks) 30 480
10 110
Vacuum-roller massage 10 120
Vacuum-roller massage general 60 500
Vacuum-roller massage upper/ lower body 45 370/420

SPA-programs, aromamassage, massage for a couple

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Aromatherapy or aroma oil massage 60 600
SPA-programs of humidification, nutrition, algal, clay, chocolate, citrus, yoghurt 90 770
SPA-procedure "Yin and Yang " 60 800
Duo massage 60 940

Body peeling

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Peeling (whole body) 30 340
Peeling (segmented) 15 210
Peeling Aleppo 90 400

Depilation, sugaring


Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Shin waxing 30 130
Upper leg waxing 30 180
Upper leg waxing 50 330
Classical Bikini waxing 30 330
Deep bikini waxing 60 470
Armpit waxing 15 130
Arm waxing (shoulder) 30 140
Arm waxing (forearm) 30 130
Whole arm waxing 45 210
Waxing abdomen / breast / buttocks / chin / back / face (1 zone) 30 90
Upper lip waxing 15 80
Eyebrow waxing 20 150
For men's depilation, see "Services for Men


Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Deep bikini sugaring 60 540
Classical Bikini sugaring 30 380
Upper leg sugaring 30 280
Shin sugaring 30 280
Whole leg sugaring 50 600
Armpit sugaring 20 200
Arm sugaring (forearm) 30 200
Arm waxing (shoulder) 30 200
Whole arm sugaring 45 400
Upper lip sugaring 20 100
Sugaring 1 zone 20 100
Stomach sugaring 1 zone 30 100

Permanent makeup, piercing

Permanent makeup

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Lips contour 120 880
Lips: with partial smudging 150 1300
Lips: with full smudging 90 1980
Lips:effect 3D 150 2100
Eyebrows:"hairs" technique 180 1760
Eyebrows: shadow teсhnique 90 1540
Eyebrows:smudge+hairs technique 180 1980
Interlaches eyelid contour 120 1050
Upper eyelid lining 90 1870
Lower eyelid lining 90 770
Lining of upper and lower eyelid 180 2200
Beauty spot 15 330
Correction of permanent makeup 90 from 880
Microblending 120 2090

Make up

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
day-time, business 90 430-550
evening, wedding 90 650-770


Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
Ear piercing (with earrings) 20 360
Ear piercing (with earrings) 1 ear 20 190
Restoration of the old puncture 20 150
Ear piercing (with earrings) EXXL 20 340, 380, 490
Navel piercing/ with bioplast 30 450/530

Gift packages 

Gift packages

Type of services Time, min Price, UAH
"Perfect Beauty"  
creating an image, hair coloring Hollywood,  manicure with coating, medical pedicure, aromacosmetology treatment MAVKA, bamboo massage
300 4700
"Beauty day for you"  for ledi
Aromamassage, beauty skincare, manicure, pedicure, hairdo coctail
300 2300
Foot massage, champi-massage, Spanish silk massage
120 1300
"For beloved Mum" 
Aromacosmetology treatment "Active nourishing", manicure +Shellac, pedicure, exclusive hair treatment  
240 2700
lymphatic drainage massage, express skincare, manicure, hair styling
240 1800


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